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Veneer grading from Winshine Wood
Author:Winshine Wood Co.,Ltd Date:2012-5-2 22:00:03 Hits:1
Door and panel:
Top grades used for joinery, such as architectural panels and doors, with a minimum requirement in length for doors of 2.1m and panels of 2.5m. Within a typical panel or door grade there may well be many other sub-grades selected according to colour and grain pattern.

For furniture grades, length is not so critical and will typically run from 0.45m to 2.0m. There are fewer restrictions regarding natural characteristics, such as colour and grain pattern.

Falling bundle: 
The term 'falling bundle' refers to a pallet or group of veneer consisting of single or odd bundles. The grade of the veneer in this grouping will likely express a wide variety of colour, character and grain variations.
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