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Veneer Full Round Rotary Slicing
Author:Winshine Wood Co.,Ltd Date:2013-3-12 13:48:55 Hits:1

In rotary slicing, a whole round log is mounted on a lathe and turned against a blade. Rotary cutting or "peeling" of a log produces a continuous sheet of veneer as if the tree were a roll being unrolled. It is the most economical method of cutting. Veneer cut this way varies in pattern as it cuts through the successive layers of growth rings. Rotary cut veneer can be wide enough to produce full-sheet (single piece) faces . however; this method does not lend itself to creating matching faces, due to the inconsistency of the grain patterns.

This method of cut is also used for very exotic woods like burls and uniquely figured species like, bird's eye maple, sapele pommele, and macore mommele. In order to achieve veneer sheet sequences, we score the log or burl at one point. This produces sheets that begin wide and gradually get narrower as the blade cuts closer to the logs and burls heart.

For all veneers that will not be rotary sliced, the logs are sawn into halves, thirds, or quarters or more

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