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Veneer Grain Types
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E-shape lines
It can be divided into upright E-shape lines and symmetrical semi E-shape lines. Diversified kinds of lines are shown according to the annual ring of the raw-wood and the fiber of different layers. To adopt the 1/4 circle rotary-cutting or vertical slicing, the E-shape lines of the natural wood can be clearer and more visible. The E-shape lines are widely used in decorations to improve people’s life standard and tastes
Straight lines
In order to get straight lines, two regular cutting methods are adopted, including quartering slicing and quartering rotary-cutting. The straight line simplifies the annual rings and layer of lines of the raw-woods, which conveniences the combination and application of the wood veneers by unifying the style of a large area of decoration. The straight lines are most widely used in the field of wood veneer decoration.
Figure lines
A special slicing method is adopted according to certain features of the raw-woods, allowing the mark of the slicing to create the shadow effect based on the natural lines, and to enrich the layer of the wood veneers. The shadow lines include black shadow, white shadow, red shadow, golden shadow, etc.
Flower lines
The wood veneers made from some special raw-woods, such as crotch or burl, have the natural lines that look like flowers. Different kinds of trees and different slicing methods can form different patterns, look of superior grade and artistic feeling. The wood veneers with flower lines are usually placed at conspicuous places and have the decorative value.
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